resolved, I’m pensive

Blessed are those who can feel deep love without fearing its mourning counterpart.

I’m grateful for those who can’t see through me.
It gives me hope that the world can still change.

I’m obsessed with the way things used to be.
I’m obsessed with the way someone writes when no one is reading.

I’m not talking to optimistic ashley right now.
She never learns and just gets in the way.
She gets all the intros and I take all the hits.

I dated a guy earlier this year who helped me understand that sometimes the things you don’t say are the loudest.

Just after you’ve been through heartache, it’s all you can see in someone else.
How easy it’s become for them to smile and meet new people.
But I can count how many times they’ve been through tragedy before we finish shaking hands.

I often get mistaken for being sad but I just feel like I’ve packed away and old part of me I’m saving for later.
The truth is I feel so happy, happy mostly when I think about my friends.

Here’s a list of things that made me cry recently: Red Sox scoring their 4th run in the final game of the world series, Kraig Adams’ latest vlog, a tribute video of mac miller by BLUX, thinking about how much i love my mom and dad, editing my first Sarah Nourse video.

These aren’t really poems but they aren’t really prose either.



~ listening to “Honey” by TRACE
~ a collection of things I found in my notebook from this year 🙂
~ these poems always feel like they write themselves, that’s why I share them, almost like they are meant for more than just me. ILLYYY
~ maybe one day I’ll write a poetry book, or write a heartfelt screenplay

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