angel invitations of decadence

All my crying stops when I remember what it felt like to have your breath inches from my lips
and your pearl brown hair in my nervous hands.
I feel all our memories in slow motion
and how addictive your passive indifference felt that delicate summer morning from my side of the table.
2 almond flat whites please.
The next one’s on me.

I miss the shortness of my breath when I turned the corner and saw you sitting on that brick fence in front of your place.
You looked like dread but I didn’t care.
I wanted everything with you, even if it meant nothing.
Hit me again with ignorance
and shut the door on half of my heart!
Rip it into a million cute little pieces.
I want to box it up so we can laugh about it later.
Why couldn’t you just let go that time in your room when I was wearing my black dress and you had that beautiful scar on.
Just let it hurt if it’s not going to feel good.
You were my perfect secret, shhhh

Your angel invitations of decadence,
I remember each and every one.
My favorite parts were the endings I made up in my head.
Take me to the roof so we can admire what it feels like to be ignored.
Three points of contact for safety.
but what a travesty it’d be to fall for you again.

listening to “Radio” by Lana Del Rey

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