About ashkatch

Hi there, I’m Ashley aka ashkatch. I’m a filmmaker, editor, and graphics artist. I grew up in Fresno, California. I love my family to death. I like comedy, good storytelling, and I cry over any semblance of honor.

Let’s start with high school where I was an avid participant in good times. I was the cross country and track team captain. I got athlete of the year my senior year, won a scholarship for being athletic, broke the school record for the 5k, and was always voted “most athletic” in the school superlatives. Never got athlete’s foot thank goodness. High school was where I took my first video journalism class, got my first camera and started making video montages of my friends, and acted in my first short film. I also became obsessed with ‘saving the environment’ in high school.

College starts, and I find myself utterly distressed because I wanted to pursue Hollywood instead of environmental engineering (that part of my story still has yet to unfold). Despite leaving my Disney career in the dust, university was amazing. It further taught me endurance and to not give up easily (what long distance running taught me). I met incredible people, made the best memories, learned so much about the world and myself, and most importantly, learned how to design infrastructure to clean poop water. I didn’t have half as many accomplishments as high school besides giving a 20-minute speech in front of 800 people and finessing my way out of academic probation.

Uni is where I matured my passion to save the environmental and also to see the world. I tried engineering after I graduated and decided life was too short to be crying in the bathroom everyday, so I quit, started working for dad, and pursued filmmaking again but this time more seriously. Somewhere in the mix of everything I created this website and a youtube channel. I visited Australia a few times, ended up living there, traveled Europe for the first time in 2017, and met even more incredible humans who are now my closest friends. 2017 was also the year I made a parody video of this guy Gary Vaynerchuk on my youtube channel, which he shared on Twitter, and then things went cra.

I kept traveling and meeting amazing people, making videos, and that essentially leads me to here. I work editing and filmmaking for a living, travel to see the world, and without a doubt living my daydream. Still hoping to get into acting though tbh. In the future, I plan write and direct a movie, start an ethical brand in the apparel industry, throw my version of a girlboss rally but like for filmmaking, and continue to spread the good news about Marlon Brando movies.