8 Single-Use Plastics You Can Ditch Today

8 Single-Use Plastics You Can Ditch Today

It’s plastic-free July, 2018. There are so many easy ways to cut back on your single-use plastic. Here are 8 ideas.

  1. Coffee Cups

Bringing your own coffee mug is my personal favorite since I consume coffee like the world’s going to end. No pun intended.

  1. Water Bottles & Soda Bottles

We should really stop consuming anything that has a bottle cap. I recently filmed a beach cleanup video for my YouTube channel, and I saw an enormous amount of bottle caps everywhere. So, let’s ditch the plastic bottles. There are so many chic water canteens you can buy. Not to mention that most of them donate a percent or two of profits to non-profit organizations.

  1. Containers for Liquid Soap

Switch to purchasing unpackaged bar soap. I wrote about this in the, “Zero Waste Tips That Save You Money” article.  Bar soap is cheaper than liquid soap, and you can use it for washing your hands, face wash, and body wash.

  1. Containers for Pre-Cut Fruit and Salads

Guilty… Mainly because I used to live under the illusion I didn’t have enough time to prepare my own food. Finding a few extra minutes in your day is easier than you think; it just takes a bit of critical thinking to reorient your schedule. Plus, who wants to pay for the imbedded labor and packaging costs of pre-cut fruit and salads?

  1. Straws

Buy a reusable straw that you can carry with you. Clean Coast Collective has beautiful, chic reusable straws. Or you can buy a reusable tumbler. Reusable drink containers, like tumblers, usually come with a straw.

  1. Plastic Grocery Bags

Let that uncomfortable moment when you balance everything in your arms to the car be the moment you learn to remember your reusable bag. Plastic bag waste is so abundant and is one of the main ocean debris pollutants. A lot of states and communities around the world have already passed legislation banning plastic bags.

  1. Plastic Sandwich Bags

Don’t pack lunches with plastics bags or in paper bags. Start using a reusable containers or lunch boxes you have at home. This will be the ultimate form of bringing sexy back. I promise.

  1. Styrofoam To-Go Containers

If you’re living in a culture where it’s appropriate to bring home left-overs, bring your own reusable container to package the food in. I’ve started doing it at my favorite donut shop across the street, and I feel much better now that I’m not using their to-go containers. This principle applies to all take-away food. Bring your own container/bag.

Can you think of any other single-use plastic to ditch? It’s awesome to see the plastic-free and zero waste movement growing more every day. It takes a bit of time to adjust to a minimal waste lifestyle. Once you get in the groove though, it can be a powerful message to the people around you and can be a source accomplishment and joy in your own life.

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